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Transfer money online from Hong Kong to Thailand with No Fees and Charges

The use of electronic routes of international money transfer across countries has evolved and progressed over the past decade. Traditionally dominated by the banks and traditional money transfer companies. Sending Money Overseas is typically very expensive and could be slow.

Money transfer can be for everything from sending money home to your family or in this increasingly global world to buy a second home or car in another country. One fast way to transfer money online is HKDSmart. HKDSmart is the best way to transfer your money from Hong Kong to Thailand, the Philippines, Vietnam, Indonesia, Myanmar, Cambodia, Laos, Bangladesh, Australia and other overseas countries with reliable and secure remittance services..

HKDSmart provides a smart and faster means for money transfer from Hong Kong to Thailand. The company provides a No Fees and Charges, fast, secure, Easy to use and Trustworthy remittance. The more Hong Kong Dollars you send the better the rate. The company is focused on customer satisfaction and keeps customers’ details safe and secure on its encrypted system.

HKDSmart has invested heavily in technology to develop a convenient 24/7 money transfer service. Your money is always secure remaining in the Hong Kong and Thailand banking systems at all times. The company is licensed by the Hong Kong Government and operates under Thailand banking partners’ license in Thailand.

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Dollarsmart Global is regulated in Australia (“Austrac Number: (AAN) 100424239”) and in Hong Kong by Hong Kong Customs and Excise Department (“No. 15-08-01682”) .

We also have Central Bank approval in all other Asian Countries as required by local regulators.

Call: TH +66 53 215 586

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