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Choosing the Most Cost-Effective Types of Oversea Payment..

As an award winning international money transfer provider, there are a number of benefits to choosing DollarSmart Global to manage your international transfers - not only the competitive exchange rate but also the fee, the convenient and the safety.

International money transfer has traditionally been dominated by the banks, local money changers and the wire transfer companies. They either charge high fees, with uncompetitive FX rates for a very fast service through a local money changers or wire transfer company, or high fees and a better rate, yet slower service for a traditional bank transfer. Either way, most of people have been paying too much, for far too long, to transfer money overseas.

-We try to reducing the cost of international money transfers- DollarSmart Said

People always searching the cheapest way to remit the money internationally back to their decided countries. At here, you’ll avoid having to pay transfer fees as the service is absolutely no fee and charge. Unless, the fees from intermediately banks (the fees from the banks who handle the transfer along the way) that beyond the control but they will try to select the best way for you.

Apart from the cost of fees, the exchange rate and the convenient is also the consideration to use the service. With the highly competitive exchange rates, we are better than banks which I can say you can save up to 70% on your international transfer. You can check real time rate in the website 24/7, and the rate you have quote is the rate you’ll get to beneficiary.

Additionally, unlike the banks, you have the choice to arranging your transfers at DollarSmart Global which we can make a transfer happen anytime anywhere in any device in our online services.

Another benefit of using our services is that you will know where your money with the real time updated in the dashboard.

-DollarSmart Global a proven money transfer service – within 24 months is now 20% of market share between Australia and Thailand.

Chick here if you want to check out how we work from Australia to Thailand >>; and which cover the country from Australia to Philippines, Vietnam, Laos, Cambodia and other 30 countries. We also remit from Hong Kong to Thailand, Australia, Singapore and the rest country of the world chick here



Dollarsmart Global is regulated in Australia (“Austrac Number: (AAN) 100424239”) and in Hong Kong by Hong Kong Customs and Excise Department (“No. 15-08-01682”) .

We also have Central Bank approval in all other Asian Countries as required by local regulators.

Call: TH +66 53 215 586

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